Louis Vuitton Stores Dallas 2017-2018

Michael Graves Studio was awarded the project to restore the old Venetian Plaster in 4 of the Dallas Tx. stores in Dallas, preventing the Stores from having to reinstall all new plaster. Over the last 20 years we have learned how to match old formulas, textures and sheens to accommodate clients needs to quickly restore old venetian plaster.

Adolphus Hotel Dallas "FRENCH-ROOM"

Total Venetian Plaster / Gold Leaf Restoration of the entire French Room.
Working with engineers and environmental surface specialist, we removed all the old peeling plaster,
Built up a secure surface over the 100 yr old substrate, applying a new Venetian Plaster Finish
Even over the Corinthian Columns and Dental Molding / Pediments.

Private Residence | Texas | 40k s.f. Italian Plaster Restoration Project / Tuscan Venetian Plaster

Previously installed by a local contractor, client was unhappy with all the variations in color and texture, and unfinished work in all the corners where the previous artist was unable to burnish the same as the flat areas, we restored the entire residence.

Gold Leaf Restoration | Christ the King Catholic Church

Concrete Column Restoration | Dart Hampton Station